IKIGAI is a workshop that connects urban intervention and multimedia narrative. It is an opportunity to use performing arts and digital tools for exploration and social mapping. It is a way to create new journeys and experience a community from a different perspective.


This is a workshop to use per formative arts and digital. It is structured in two parts. In the first part we work on content creation dynamics with the participants, which allow us to introduce the topic and in the second part we present an experience, in which the participants will be able to interact and participate in the story.

IKIGAI is narration, action, game and reflection so that each participant builds an interactive map that includes audio, texts, images, videos and contemplates the possibility of meeting, along the way, with some live performance.


  • Encourage reflection on different topics.
  • Raise awareness about social conflicts
  • Learn to mix artistic and digital tools

Characteristics of the space: Possibly outdoors

Number of participants: minimum 10, maximum 30

Activity recommended for ages 16 and up.

More information: info@incateatro.com