AAA – Aplec d’arts aplicades l’art al servei de les comunitats

L’Aplec d’Arts Aplicades is a meeting. A seminar. A space for reflection.
Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th November 2017.
In the neighborhood of Raval. Carrer Hospital, 56 als Jardins de Rubió i Lluch, entering on the right hand side.

L’Aplec d’Arts Aplicades will bring together more than 20 organizations and professionals for 3 days dedicated to the arts at the service of the community.

The event is structured in three axes: “The importance of informality”, “Community arts: between artistic and transformative” and “Methodologies and impact”. It is articulated through lectures, round tables, workshops and performances. With this we understand that it is as important to know and structure the thinking as it is to get into movement.

The first edition of this collection focuses above all on grassroots community processes; on the experiences that are developed, sometimes in silence, in the neighborhoods; actions in the city with a great local or personal impact that generate innovative strategies for intercultural and inter-community engagement, to promote diversity and its integration and to welcome the voice of minority groups through artistic expression.

The AAA program includes the participation of entities focused on theater and performance, circus, dance, poetry or music, as a means of social transformation. In addition, publications of the publishing house Neret will be presented and there will be a photographic exhibition on the Raval neighborhood. A set of grassroots initiatives that for years have been actively working for a Barcelona, and a society, more dialoguing and inclusive through the arts.

The Neret publishing house will compile the work to generate dissemination materials on applied arts and thus cover the lack of bibliographic resources in this field and an audiovisual team will accompany the conference to make a “creative record”. There will also be an exhibition of community theater pieces, one of them led by Antoni Mas, member of INCA, with the support of the Institut del Teatre with young people from the youth space TEB and Projecte Franja.

We hope that this edition of the Aplec will be a fruitful meeting place for debate and coexistence of professionals from all over the world. An opportunity to be inspired by the experience of the organizations and individuals invited.

The Aplec is held in the Raval thanks to the support of the City Council of Barcelona and the collaboration of La Capella, and thanks to the efforts of the team of volunteers of the organizing entity.

We are very grateful for the response of all the organizations and professionals who have opened themselves to the proposal with so much involvement and which you will find in the program of the conference.

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Thursday, November 16: “The importance of informality”.
Friday, November 17: “Community arts: between artistic and transformative”.
Saturday, November 18th: “Methodologies and impact”.


Saturday, November 18th

10h – 12h        Reconstruir la ficció con  Alicia Reyero en la Sala Capoeira. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
12h – 14h        Cossos Visibles con Antonella D’Ascensi en la Sala Capoeira. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
11h – 13.30h   Teatre Intimista i Immersiu   con Stefano d’Argenio en la sede de INCA Catalunya. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
10h – 12h        L’artesania del circ con Francesca Lissia Celso Pereira en C/ Hospital, 56 als Jardins de Rubió i Lluch, entrant a mà dreta
12h – 14h        Bots pel canvi con Basket Beat con Josep Aragay en C/ Hospital, 56 als Jardins de Rubió i Lluch, entrant a mà dreta



10h – 12h Reconstruir la ficció with Alicia Reyero at Sala Capoeira. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
12h – 14h Cossos Visibles with Antonella D’Ascensi at Sala Capoeira. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
11h – 13.30h Teatre Intimista i Immersiu with Stefano d’Argenio at INCA Catalunya. Can 60 C/Riereta 20 bis
10h – 12h L’artesania del circ with Francesca Lissia Celso Pereira at C/ Hospital, 56 als Jardins de Rubió i Lluch, entering on the right hand side.
12h – 14h Bots pel canvi con Basket Beat con Josep Aragay en C/ Hospital, 56 als Jardins de Rubió i Lluch, entrant a mà dreta