Servicio Voluntariado Europeo


Coordinamos, acogemos y enviamos participantes en proyectos de voluntariado europeo en el marco del Programa Erasmus+ de la Unión Europea….¿Te interesa?

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ERASMUS + Programme

¿Porqué lo hacemos?

After a lot of successful experiences and more than 100 international projects, we have been asked by different artists and youth to play a role in INCA Catalunya thought an internship, volunteering and/or collaborations @ INCA. Until 2014, INCA Catalunya wasn’t able to take the responsibility to manage this kind of service due to other priorities.

Thanks to the new energy received by new members and the continuous local and international recognition of our work, INCA Team decides to start a new adventure and to open the doors to EVS volunteers.

We consider volunteering as a MUTUAL exchange of experiences.


We can offer our structure, competences, experience in non-formal education, in the draw and management of educational and artistic programmes. We can share our passion for art and social topics, our life style, our flexibility.


BUT we are also exigent, we would like to coordinate, host and send people that are motivated to bring an added value to our activities, to bring their point of view, people ready to challenge him or her. People that can observe, study what and how we do the things and that can be involved in the hard work to spread art and culture. Definitely people that want to start a journey in the creativity!


Improve, grow and enrich our lifes

Sonia y Orane

A partir de Junio hasta diciembre viviremos nuestra primera experiencia en el mundo EVS, acogiendo dos voluntarias francesas: Sonia y Orane de la asociación Solidarités Jeunesses.

Sigue sus experiencias en el blog del proyecto SAISEVS